'Bheith os cionn uaibhris'
                                                               To rise above vanity


The Gods of the Dedanann,
hidden away from the world for aeons,
spring forth from the watery depths to right a wrong thought
obliterated in tragedy.
A threat, a mistake, and a wrongful killing
pushing them, once more, to assume a more active role in the world.
To become chief puppeteers in an effort to save the people of Tearmann.
To again pull the strings of their people, the Dedanann,
and save them from the oppressive clutches of their ancient enemy, the Fomorii.
They, however, do not know that the very
situation that they seek to remedy is a setup, an insidious plot
designed to draw them out and engage them when they would otherwise
have remained uninvolved. Nor do they realise that their 'puppets'
had long ago learnt to act without strings,
that their enemy was actually their friend and that
all was not 'Godly' in their own ranks.

One puppeteer means a choreographed story.
Two means a messy one.
Three, one hell of a knot.