Books, film and music

A current project with Czech/Australian Cinematographer Marek Blaha (Mark Bliss) has edged me, once more, into the realm of dystopias. Having not ventured there, apart from in a filmic sense of late, it was a definite eye opener to read some of the classics that are not 'Brave New World' or '1984'.  The sense and feel of  these novels is unusual in that they feel more in tune with the world and the people that inhabit it than most dystopias. In my next reading block I will be heading exclusively to non english fantasy/sci fi writers to have a more in depth look. 

'We'  - Yevgeny Zamyatin
'Kallocain' - Karin Boye

Love this novel - it is clever, heartfelt and addictive. I read it whenever I get annoyed at the constant 'replicate' fantasy novels that appear on the shelves because Sherri manages to pull so many disparate threads together into a cohesive story with a powerful message underlying it all. The edges and spines of both this and 'Plague of Angels' are so bent up I am surprised that they are still in one piece.

'Beauty' - Sherri S Tepper

I read in bursts, after I finish a project mostly, and usually lock myself away for a few weeks and read...well a lot of books. This last break I re-acquainted myself with some old friends as well as some new ones like those above.

'The Farseer Trilogy' - Robin Hobb
'The Tawny Man' -      Robin Hobb
Andrakis Trilogy
- Tony Shillitoe

and I simply could not go past a re-read of 'The Shadow of the Torturer' by Gene Wolfe...I will finish the rest of 'The Book of the New Sun' next reading break.

Film the project had me watching anything I could get my hands on that was sci-fi and/or dystopian so my personal list of films seen is severly limited this time. Next break there will be a lot more non-work based watching for certain! I did enjoy 'Children of Men' and  a rewatch of 'The City of Lost Children' that being said.
Music - 'Desert Lights' - Something for Kate. Usually play SFK whilst I write certain sections - sometimes quietly and sometimes really loudly. Just be thankful that I do not sing along...much!
Muse, Linkin Park, Placebo, Jebediah, Grinspoon and some of the older Cure albums are more often than not on my playlists this month.

In the room where I work there is only one person- me. Luckily, I am fairly certain I have multiple personalities so it doesn't get too lonely! Once 'Broken' is completed and sent to the printers I will probably even interview myself...which could prove interesting...and likely disturbing!