"You use the formula that people are used to as a weapon, with an edge that is sometimes blunt and sometimes sharp, to get your point across. I found myself being led along on twists and turns that were to do with the mechanics of the story. Then you overlaid that with plot based shifts and changes in character stereotypes. All whilst maintaining the narrative flow of the main story. You have crafted a true original from a much used theme. Kudos."
                                                                                                                               Byron (Sydney)                                                                               
Thanks! Misdirection on all levels of a story is a nice tool to play with. It adds an extra edge to my quill/sword/mace. The most interesting part is the more complex you layer such things the deeper people look to find the twists. Normalcy in writing and formulaic patterns bore me to death and it is nice to see a lot of people craving, like I do, something more...


If you are a vendor in Australia and I haven't as of yet made contact with you. You must either be hiding or a relatively new store. If interested in stocking the series please don't hesitate to contact me at
Tallbooks Australia is solely me for those who wonder whether it is a publisher per se.

"Anguished, aggressive, funny with an ever changing style - you are either a madman or a genius."
                                                                                                                  John (Wagga Wagga)
Thanks! Though never thought the two were mutually exclusive myself...

Aspiring writers

I am very supportive of independently geared writers  and am currently putting together a 'project', for want of a better description, to assist people. If you are an aspiring writer and are thinking of being indie, rather than following the normal route, I am more than happy to provide information and what advice I can from my experience. I have a cadre of some four writers that I regularly assist and chat to...these people you will hear from in the near future. This is not to exclude non indie writers from support for 'taking the other path' but I figure that there is more than ample support for you in that route currently anyway.

Likewise writers' groups who would like me to come by and chat about the pitfalls and advantages I will endeavour to make time to do so. Contact me at

The people who send me either submissions or manuscripts to offer opinion on...well...I am more than happy to assist with some aspects of your journey and story, in regards to the pitfalls and benefits of the independent route but I will not be used as a free editing and story styling portal.

Submissions and such...unfortunately I cannot 'publish' your work, that is either for you or your publisher to do depending on the path you take.

In regard to opinions and suggestions that I have made all I ask is that they not be used as a transparent marketing tool.

"How many books to the series and when can we expect them complete?"
                                                                         Julie, Fran and a whole bunch of people

You tell me! This is a much asked question so I will endeavour to answer it. I would rather not grab an arbitrary number out of the air. When I stop seeing the characters running around in my thoughts and dreams, I suppose.

The best I can do is say that 'Broken' will be out soon. The series 'A Tangled Knotwork' will take as long or as many books as needed to tell the tale I wish to tell in totality. Hope that helps somewhat!

'Small, green, angry guys' a small, non associated piece will also be out soon.


Well, I only know two critics in actuality and both do it primarily to get free reading material. Even considered doing it myself as I read so much but it just 'felt' wrong. That said there is nothing personal about me not sending books to critics or book competitions and such. It is simply that independent writers, in general, cannot afford to do what the mainstream industry does in terms of PR and such. For me, it is more a case of applying my ethics to a situation. Also as stated on the front page I do not see the logic of giving away a book to someone to offer opinion on purely in the hope that they give it a more favourable response because it was free. Kind of naff when you think about it and that's not even factoring in affiliations with publishers and critics and the nepotistic side of the industry.

Rather be myself and not have to deal with that aspect of things. The 'send the book as per normal to a publisher and get a cheque in the mail' does distance a writer from the 'industry' but we all still 'know' it is going on surrounding something we put our heart and soul into. Sometimes who you are defines your route for you, limiting your choices somewhat...This is my journey and I would rather wake up not feeling sullied by my choices in any way.

One the topic of critical comment, this also is appreciated and either absorbed or discarded based on merit, as it always should be. Haven't seen any as of yet strangely enough but when/if I do I will post it also. Keep in mind I kind of liked the way Jay and Silentbob dealt with such in the movie so if a 6'4 aussie rings your doorbell with a phonebook in hand...don't open the door

Publishers and filmmakers

Thank you for your interest but I am not interested in getting a 'publisher' in the traditional sense. I like engaging with the people and the challenges of the indie vibe myself - it suits who I am, as well as my stories. I may not get record sales and distribution but I will be both autonomous and myself - far more valuable to me than money, fame and a monthly cheque.

Hmm film. Well, once again, thank you for the queries on option rights and development of  'A Tangled Knotwork' into a film script format but I know what this has to be. Does that sound right?
I see the story in my head...all the time...and it is not filmic in nature. It is animated and that is where I see the story being situated in an on screen format.
All I need is a bunch of animators, a huge bag of cash, a truckload of kebabs, and a year or two. If what I visualise can come to fruition this can be something so original and interesting that I would be happy to keel over and call my life complete once I see it.